Every year IASP carries out a number of events around the world aimed at professionals in the STP/AOI industry. These range from large-scale conferences to smaller more focused seminars or workshops and cover a wide variety of themes and topics, dealing with the latest challenges and concepts that STP/AOI managers are facing. Other events that may be of interest are those organised by our members, other partners, or events held within the framework of a specific project.

Next IASP World Conference

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2-5 September,

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35th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

Towards sustainable cities and communities: fostering innovation ecosystems
Isfahan Science and Technology Town
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Other IASP events

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21 March,
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IASP WEBINAR: "Science Parks: main concepts, building blocks and strategic models"

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4-6 April,
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IASP Latin American Division workshop, Recife - Parques Tecnológicos: Conectores Locales de Ecosistemas Globales de Innovación

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18 April,
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IASP WEBINAR: "The governance of innovation environments"

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