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DEVIRO is a decontamination system with conventional filters combined with a porous copper mesh and UVC radiation emitted by 40 LEDs with a radiant power of ~1 W (efficiency of ~2%) at 275 nm wavelength. Inside, there will be aluminum based filters that will ensure both a greater optical path – by multiple reflections of the UVC radiation – and an additional decontaminating effect. Radiation at 253.7 nm, as used in many decontamination systems, is specific to mercury based lamps. The maximum biocidal efficacy is at 265 nm, but there is still no reasonably priced LED for this wavelength. The latest generation of UVC LEDs, at a reasonable price per unit of radiant energy, emit at 275 nm.

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Why DEVIRO? Low-noise operation. We have specifically developed DEVIRO for a low noise background so that it can take over its task almost unnoticed. In normal operation, the sound level is always below 40 dB (at 1 m distance). 100% safe against outdoor emissions of UV radiations and toxic substances. Future-oriented mercury-free technology with UV-C LEDs radiating at 265 – 275 nm with the potential to kill germs and viruses even more efficiently than mercury lamps. Moreover, ozone generation is avoided without particular mitigation measures. The special form and construction of DEVIRO are largely responsible for ensuring that no UVC light can escape. No harmful radiation can exit into the environment. All internal surfaces exposed to UVC radiation are metallic and therefore not sensitive to it. This significantly extends the lifetime of the modules.

Aerosols are absorbed or decontaminated Aerosols not absorbed in the inlet filters are decontaminated by UVC radiation, ionic filters and aluminum filters with the nanostructured surface. This results in an optimally decontaminated airflow that can reduce the risk of infection in offices, apartments, hospitals, waiting rooms, banks, buses, ambulances, trains, subways, planes, helicopters, etc. At the same time, it can ensure a reduction in the need for chemical disinfectants that are generally toxic to humans as well. Due to its balanced performance, you always get the best decontamination without emission of hazardous radiation or substances. In addition, the presence of UVC radiation prevents the formation of biofilms inside the device

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