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Dalarna Science Park has worked to support innovation and entrepreneurship since 1987, creating a well-established regional platform for economic development.

Contributing to high quality trade and industry development in Dalarna, the park works to increase competitiveness and innovation ability for startups, entrepreneurs, established companies, academia and the public sector, and runs a business incubator that welcomes both entrepreneurs with new business ideas and companies with growth potential.

It actively works towards sustainable growth, including through the promotion of cleantech companies in Dalarna that contribute towards a reduced environmental impact. Entrepreneurs who understand how their business ideas are connected to sustainability issues have increased opportunities for business development, and can gain access to new export markets. The park also runs cleantch initiatives including ecoINSIDE, an innovation project for solar energy & energy systems, waste management and sustainable buildings, and is a member of ASSET, the Association of Swedish Environmental Technology Industries.

Dalarna also arranges technical visit programmes in Dalarna and Gävleborg counties in Sweden, which include visits to cleantech sites, lectures by experts in their field about the development and success of Swedish cleantech.

Dalarna Science Park has a representative office in Wuhan, China, which functions as a platform for companies that wish to conduct business with Chinese companies, and helps develop partnership between Wuhan-Borlänge and Hubei-Dalarna. 

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    Dalarna Science Park
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    Borlänge, Sweden
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