Sun Yat-sen University Science Park

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Sun Yat-sen University Science Park, located in Guangzhou (China), is a science park and incubator. The park’s activities rely on the university’s disciplines and combines their scientific and educational resources with other market and innovation elements to build an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The campus extends over 56,000 square meters and has built a “maker space-incubator-accelerator”, dedicated to supporting and developing big data applications, AI, biology, and other biotech and IT sectors.Sun Yat-sen University Science Park currently focuses on cultivating high-level innovation and entrepreneurship groups that open direct opportunities to the students specialising in their university. Simultaneously, they offer specific training courses for students to create well rounded entrepreneurs, and develops their innovative thinking skills. 

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    Sun Yat-sen University Science Park
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    Guangzhou, China
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    Science Park
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