Techno Valley

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Techno Valley, a science park project managed by the University of Business and Technology (UBT) in Jeddah, was launched in 2022. This initiative has repurposed some campus buildings, covering a surface area of 350 m². Currently in its initial phase, Techno Valley plans further development, beginning with an incubator housing five start-ups.

Techno Valley focuses on advanced technology transfer services, energy, environmental sustainability, and ICT & communication sectors. It operates through three main divisions: UBT Business Centre, offering both physical and virtual offices and event spaces for startups; D3 Lab, providing advanced prototyping services; and the Business Innovation Global Challenge Programme, which grants customised access to UBT’s innovation expertise, technology facilities, and student talents.

  1. Name
    Techno Valley
  2. Location
    Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
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    Science Park
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