Open Opportunities

This page lists current calls, job vacancies and open opportunities that may be of interest to the innovation community. Scroll down for opportunities for startups, SMEs and R&I actors.

For startups and SMEs

REACH: A sustainable European second-generation incubator project launched for data-fuelled start-ups and SMEs with the objective of developing innovative experiments within data-value chains. The incubator aims to stimulate the creation of solid business cases based on data-driven innovation, born from experimentations on secure and trusted data value chains across several sectors. More info

Deadline: 21 February 2023 

SURE5.0-Acceleration Programme: A new initiative programme lauched by European Cluster Collaboration Platform to support European SMEs towards sustainability and resilience transition in the mobility, transport, automotive, aerospace and electronics ecosystems. Also aimed to help advance SMEs in their digital transformation process while becoming more human-centric, resilient and sustainable. More info 

Deadline: 1st March 2023

IraSME: The 31st IraSME calls for transnational R&D projects and looks for SMEs, research and technology organisations (RTOs) that have conduct international research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) projects. The project proposal is organised and funded by national and regional ministries and agencies participating in the IraSME network. More info

Deadline: 29 March 2023

Data Space for Security and Law Enforcement: A digital programme that aims to reinforce the EU´s core Artificial Intelligence (AI). The programme opportunity calls for the creation of a common European data ecosystem and it is one of the EU´s largest action grants in the field of Cloud, Data and Artificial Intelligence under the Digital Europe Programme. More info

Deadline: 16th March 2023

NexTimber:  Applying the freshly developed Alpha Innovation method, NOI Techpark is organizing an Innovation Challenge in cooperation with Würth Italy. Würth Italy is looking for partners to provide solutions and ideas regarding products and services, hardware and software, for the optimization of design, prefabrication and construction as well as improvement of durability and maintenance of timber constructions. There are no restrictions regarding your company profile: the NextTimber Alpha Innovation Challenge is open to start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, and other organizations. More info

Deadline: March 2023

FONTAGRO: 2023 Call Projects Presentations' proposal looks for new developed systems in the science, technology and innovation field to make agriculture and food security more sustainable and resilient to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. More info

Deadline: 3rd April 2023

EIT Food Open Innovation Call: This EU co-funded programme opens the opportunity to fund collaborative food innovation projects aiming to create positive change in the food system. The Open Innovation Call aims to fund collaborative food innovation projects that will put new products and improved commercial processes and services. More info

Deadline: 13th April 2023

Call for lightweighting projects: A research and development programme that calls for environmentally friendly lightweight technology solutions projects. This programme is powered by Eureka and obtains funding from different countries collaborating in the international R&D lightweighting. More info 

Deadline: 25th April 2023 

Funding and projects 

Waitro and Research Beeline: This platform offers many funding opportunities for registered companies with a specific focus on the Africa and ASEAN regions. This comprehensive and relevant tool publishes opportunities that cover all areas of research and all levels of researchers. At the same time, the platform also alerts businesses when new funding offers appeared. More info

Deadline: Ongoing 

European Innovation Council Accelerator: Companies meeting the EIC criteria for excellence, impact and risk-level are invited to prepare full applications for grants of up to €2.5 million. This financial support also comes with a range of Business Acceleration Services, providing access to leading expertise, corporates, investors and ecosystem actors. More info

Deadline: Ongoing

EIT-EIC CollabPilot: Two funding opportunities are available for companies in the science/health fields. Ready for Investment will provide ventures with expert advice and support with a market value of €10,000 tailored to each business’ needs. Gold Track offers startups the chance to attend workshops with top science advisors, as well as present to hand-picked investors and industry partners. More info

Deadline: Various

IFC Projects:  Any company or entreprenuer seeking funding can do so by approaching IFC directly. There is no standard project, application form or model that is expected, but the project must be aimed at the developing world whilst being environmentally and socially sound. More info

Deadline: Ongoing 

Horizon Europe: The EU's key funding programme for innovation and research has a budget of €95.5 million for the 2021-2027 period. A huge range of funding opportunities that work to support EU policies and achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals are open, with more to come over the course of the programme. More info

Deadline: Various 


MSCA Staff Exchanges: This opportunity offers staff the chance to increase their transferrable skills, boost research and improve employability in a variety of sectors. The exchanges foster a culture of research and innovation that is international and interdisciplinary, and will help participating companies to boost cooperation and R&I. More info

Deadline: March 2023

PTE Marketplace: DISRUPTIVE's international marketplace shows collaboration alerts related to the field of disruptive digital technologies. Companies and entities from anywhere in the world can participate in this marketplace by simply filling in a quick questionnaire where they explain what their alert consists of, whilst those seeking opportunities can find multiple chances for collaboration. More info

Deadline: Various

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