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The Sports Life Science Park (SLSP) is based in Budapest and works on managing the development and innovation of the Hungarian University of Physical Education institutes and departments. The Science Park works very closely with the University, which has been the leading source of Hungarian sports science achievements since 1925. Their approach to research and development is based on an interdisciplinary philosophy of science with the aim of analysing the functions of a person to maintain health and effectively prevent health deterioration. The University aims to implement its research in the field of sports and life sciences within the framework of the Science and Innovation Park Economic Development Facility.

SLSP's incubation program currently manages 103 innovative developments, offering a stimulating platform for students, researchers, lecturers and market participants of the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Science. Thanks to the university’s integrated laboratory network and the development of AI-based analytical capabilities, SLSP is working on the utilization of research findings related to elite sports with wider health implications, from nutrition science to cognitive science. 

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    Sport Life Science Park
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    Budapest, Hungary
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    Sport Technologies
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    Science Park
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