Central Taiwan Science Park, National Science and Technology Council

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Background information

Central Taiwan Science Park was founded in 2003, located on the Dadu Plateau in the center of Taiwan. With a convenient land, sea and air transportation network, it forms a high-tech corridor connecting Hsinchu Science Park and Southern Taiwan Science Park.

The site covers an area of 1,486 hectares in total with an occupancy rate of 92% and 98% for factories. It is home to 200+ companies, 9 incubation centers, and 6 research units.Research incentives offered to resident companies include the R&D Advancement Program and Innovation Awards, a high-tech equipment and advanced technology development project, and a full support package for startups.

CTSP aims to maintain a balance between economic development and environmental protection. It offers facilities such as complex service centre in administrative, industrial and commercial affairs, dormitories, utilities & telecom system, detention ponds, wastewater treatment plants and greenbelts, creating a comfortable working environment and leisure facilities.

The land under the jurisdiction of the CTSP Bureau currently includes Taichung Science Park, Huwei Science Park, and Houli Science Park, with two further sites under construction: the Erlin Science Park and the Chung Hsing Park.

The main sectors at CTSP are based on nanotechnology, which covers Optoelectronics, Integrated Circuit, Biotechnology, Precision Machinery, Computer Peripherals, and Green Energy.

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    Central Taiwan Science Park, National Science and Technology Council
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    Taichung City, Chinese Taipei
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    ICT & Communications
    Mechanics, Subassemblies, Components
    Precision Engineering
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    Science Park
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