UBT - Science and Innovation Campus

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Background information
UBT was established in Prishtina, Kosovo in 2001 as IEME – Institute for Enterprise Management and Engineering and in October 2004 has changed its name to UBT – University for Business and Technology. It was established as part of Kosovo’s innovation strategy to encourage national development.  The Campus is divided into four groups: the research centre, interdisciplinary research clusters, research groups and individual researchers. The UBT offers services to its researchers, such as the Research Fund for research closely aligned with its strategic goals, Research Training to enhance skills of staff members, and support to external research applications. The Campus’ faculties have their own research infrastructure, including 40 laboratories, 18 clinics, and 4 libraries.
  1. Name
    UBT - Science and Innovation Campus
  2. Location
    Prishtine, Kosovo
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  3. Main technology sectors
    ICT & Communications
    Mechanics, Subassemblies, Components
    Robotics and Plant Automation
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    Science Park
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