Innovation and Product Development Center (LAB7)

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Saudi Aramco’s Innovation and Product Development Center (LAB7) is the centerpiece of a plan to usher in a new era of idea-driven prosperity by bridging the gap in the innovation ecosystem and targeting the development of disruptive technology-based start-ups. Located beside Saudi Arabia’s first commercial oil well Dammam 7, The Prosperity Well, the center pays tribute to the well by continuing its legacy to bring in prosperity through driving innovation and contributing to economic flourishment.

 LAB7 brings together innovators in a collaborative and creative environment that would extend the culture of innovation to both local and global spheres. Consisting of three main segments, LAB7 comprises of the Engineering Exhibition and two mirrored Manufacturing Wings. The engineering structure includes the Digital Lab that is specialized in developing software-based solutions and also the Design Studio that is targeted to assist innovators in designing, modeling and simulating the innovative idea. Additionally, the structure has a common area with collaborative spaces to inspire creativity. On the other hand, the two manufacturing wings include the latest advanced fabrication and prototyping machineries as well as 14 high-bay industrial garages as private workspaces for incubated innovators. LAB7 has the capabilities to house 26 projects and up to 300 innovators

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  1. Name
    Innovation and Product Development Center (LAB7)
  2. Location
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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  3. Main technology sectors
    Artificial Intelligence Softwares
    Internet Technologies and Services
    Micromachines and Nanotechnology
    New Materials
    Renewable Energies
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    Area of Innovation
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