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The INNOPOLIS Foundation is a professional technology commercialization institution in Daedeok, South Korea. The principle objective of the INNOPOLIS Foundation is to efficiently pursue the business of fostering according to the “Special Act on the Promotion of Special Research and Development Zones”. The foundation works collaboratively to create the base for technology commercialization, transfers technology, and commercialize public research achievements. The INNOPOLIS foundation supports the management of INNOPOLIS Technopark and development businesses through approving tenancies, and construction of an industry-academe-research institute network in order to help construct a global network. This global network creates a favourable business environment for foreign companies, and improves the settlement conditions of residents within the Daedeok Park.

Since 2005, the Daedeok Science Town has been granted a legal status of Daedeok Special R&D Zone, which enjoys the highest-level governmental support and a mandate for developing Korea’s national innovation capacities, redesigning as INNOPOLIS Daedeok. INNOPOLIS Daedeok is also responsible for 12 percent of the R&D spending and 11.8 percent of the Ph.D.–level researchers in Korea, thus giving the zone the best research capabilities in the country.

Korea Innovation Foundation
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    INNOPOLIS - Korea Innovation Foundation
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    Daejeon, South Korea
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    ICT & Communications
    Manufacturing and Automation Technologies
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    Science Park
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