Tiankai Higher Education Innovation Park

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Tiankai Higher Education Innovation Park is a pivotal component of Tianjin's strategy to fuse education and innovation. Covering 7 km² with 1,170,000 m² of built space, it hosts 84 companies and 24 institutions in Biotechnology, Energy, ICT & Communication, Manufacturing and Automation Technologies, and Materials.

By 2030, the park aims to become a vital source of independent innovation for its city. It plans to establish 3-5 innovative industrial clusters related to local university disciplines, supporting the city's economic development.

With strong ties to Tianjin University, Nankai University, and other educational institutions, the park is a hub for groundbreaking research and innovation.

The park's core principles include systematic planning, market-driven operations, resource optimization, industry-education integration, and global openness. By 2035, it envisions global influence as a source of new knowledge, technologies, and business models, driving the city's high-quality development.

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    Tiankai Higher Education Innovation Park
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    Tianjin, China
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    Science Park
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