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BizMaker is an incubator located in Västernorrland, Sweden. Founded in 2004 with the mission to promote sustainable growth and innovation, they support and create investment opportunities that allow companies and organizations to reach their full development potential; creating a space where good ideas grow into global and sustainable social solutions.

Domestic innovation and development take a pivotal role in BizMaker’s vision. With an eye on the future, their support towards the growth of the local R&D scene further develops the region and country. They define Sweden and their organisation as an attractive place for people with the ability to create new solutions for future needs.

BizMaker collaborates with a group of experts and corporate partners that offer industry specific knowledge and advice, while also providing test environments and technology platforms to encourage innovation. They have designed a unique programme which includes seminars and workshops aimed at both startups and established organisations. These programmes, aiding organisations to innovate and motivate people while reshaping their concept and ideas to achieve market success, have incubated over 40 companies in biotech, biofuels, and hydrogen-based energy. 

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    BizMaker AB
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    Sundsvall, Sweden
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    Business Incubator
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