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The Surrey Research Park is a large research park in Guildford, Surrey. The Surrey Research Park has been planned, developed, funded and managed by the University of Surrey in which it operates as wholly owned University Enterprise Unit. The Park was first established in 1981 to meet 5 objectives which remain as guiding principles for the site. These support the three stakeholders in the site. The objectives for the University include developing some independent income for the University of Surrey, raising the profile of the University of Surrey as a centre for scholarship and innovation and supporting technology and knowledge transfer to tenants.

The objective set by the Park for tenant companies is to give them a competitive advantage through sharing the risks of starting a company and gaining access to technology, talent and property tenure arrangements that give the businesses flexibility to match their needs as they grow. For the local government, whose involvement was to grant permission for the site on University land, is to support regional economic development. To meet these objectives the Park pioneered business incubation in the Surrey Technology Centre which was the first building to be opened on the site in 1984 offer 7,400 sq m of space to start ups and today continues to offer this service with the additional activities of Surrey SETSquared operation that occupies 240 sq m. SETsquared is a partnership between the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. It is a not-for-profit Government subsidised organisation providing bespoke business support for high-tech and/or high potential start-up ventures.

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