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Utrecht Science Park is a science park in the Utrecht region of the Netherlands. It is the largest science park in the Netherlands, with the highest concentration of knowledge institutions within a small surface area. The Utrecht region was named most competitive region in Europe on two consecutive occasions and UtrechtInc is recognised as one of the 10 best incubators in Europe. Utrecht Science Park currently houses 108 resident businesses, 2500 student accommodation in properties within the confines of its 322ha area.

Utrecht Science Park offer a platform for sharing knowledge, inspiration and social debate in close cooperation with governments, companies, knowledge institutes and societal organisations. Utrecht Science Park Foundation creates optimal preconditions for new and established businesses seeking to set up and expand operations at the park. The Foundation works to create job opportunities that closely reflect the Utrecht region's key knowledge areas. This strategy helps to generate sustainable regional jobs and offer all residents of the Utrecht region and the Netherlands as whole opportunity for prosperity and development.

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    Utrecht Science Park
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    Utrecht, Netherlands
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    Food Sciences
    Health & Pharmaceuticals
    Metrology and Services
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    Science Park
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