Leaguer Lishui Accelerator

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Leaguer Lishui Accelerator is a talent accelerator founded inside the Leaguer Foshan Science Park, built jointly by the Foshan Talent Group and the Lishui Government. Located in the core district of a hi-tech zone, the accelerator is part of their technology carrier programme which includes a “maker space + incubator + accelerator + industrial park”, aiding growing companies to succeed.

The accelerator is tightly knit with the incubator, and actively gets involved with start-ups once they “graduate” from their incubation. They are currently focusing on industries such as new materials and preparation, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as providing enterprises with the services necessary to achieve rapid growth market success, such as R&D labs, workshops, and heavy equipment manufacturing sites.

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    Leaguer Lishui Accelerator
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    Foshan, China
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    Business Incubator
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