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The Zurich Innovation Park, situated on the Dübendorf airfield, is a hub for enterprises and academic institutions specializing in Robotics & Mobility, Aerospace, and Advanced Manufacturing. Initiated in 2018, the first phase of expansion transformed existing halls to accommodate the needs of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, providing office spaces, laboratories, and workshops. A further expansion is planned around 2024/2025 to introduce new buildings for flexible use.

This park fosters collaboration between Zurich's prominent universities, technical colleges, and the private sector to accelerate the translation of research into marketable products and services. With support from the Zurich government council, it aims to enhance Zurich's innovation and competitive edge as a business and research destination. Noteworthy occupants include AMZ Racing, ARIS Akademische Raumfahrtinitiative Schweiz, and the University of Zurich Space Hub. Initiatives like "Büro Züri Innovationspark" and "Startbahn 29" underline the park's commitment to nurturing young innovators and entrepreneurs, offering a conducive environment for scientific exploration and learning.

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    Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich
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    Duebendorf, Switzerland
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    Science Park
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