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Pardis Technology Park (PTP) is a technology park, based in Pardis, Iran. The site enjoys a panoramic view of the tallest mountain in Iran, Mount Damavand. Pardis Technology Park (PTP), as the region's technology paradise, is located in a 38 hectares area (expandable to 1000 hectares) at 25 km northeast vicinity of Tehran. It has been cited as a booming private industry marvel, under the supervision of the Presidency and a 14-entity Board of Trustees from ministries, science centers, and academies.

As of 2011, approximately 75 companies have signed contracts for land at the park. 37 of them have finished construction of their R&D centers. Out of those, 23 companies are actively running their activities located in the park. With accounting companies doing their business in rental flats, PTP has more than 51 companies located in Multi-Tenant Building and Business Incubator Center. In total, PTP has 123 hi-tech companies as its members in different establishment categories (Lands, Multi-Tenant Building and Business Incubator). As of 2012, 80% of investments in the park came from the private sector, and 150 new technologies have been developed and registered there. As of 2013, a number of Iranian companies have transferred their R&D departments to PTP.

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  1. Name
    Pardis Technology Park
  2. Location
    Pardis, Iran
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    ICT & Communications
    Mechanics, Subassemblies, Components
    Micromachines and Nanotechnology
    Software Engineering
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    Science Park
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