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The Science and Technology Park of Almeria (PITA) is a science and technology park located in Almeria, Spain, home of more than 80 companies employing over 1700 people.

Strategically located close to an airport, motorway and the University of Almeria, PITA is home to innovative companies, technology centres and public and private research institutions. The park maintains a close relationship with the University of Almeria, a founding partner, where it maintains a second site for its scientific headquarters. This second site is home to research centres into solar energy and arid climates as well as a regional institute for research and training in agriculture and fisheries.

Sustainability is the guiding principle of PITA Almeria, with buildings that work in harmony with the local terrain, the use of native plant species, and low-density construction leaving almost half of the 557k m2 site reserved for green spaces watered with recycled rainwater. Resident companies also commit to sustainable development, signing up the park’s sustainability criteria to ensure their activities are not harmful to the environment.

With a focus on the latest developments in agrifood, agriculture, environment and biotech, PITA Almeria boasts a food safety lab, office and laboratory space and co working facilities, as well of plots of land where companies can construct their own buildings to their own specifications.

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