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Located in Lisbon, Portugal, Tec Labs thrives as the Faculdade de Ciencias ULisboa's business incubator. Strategically located 10 minutes from Lisbon Airport and 20 minutes from the city center, Tec Labs fosters interdisciplinary innovation by hosting research groups in purpose-built lab spaces.

Tec Labs follows the ScienceIN2Business® methodology, propelling annual cycles of innovation. Since 2020, aligned projects have surged by 40%, spanning Emerging Tech to Urban Mobility & Sustainability.

BioLab Lisboa, a collaborative endeavor with Lisbon Municipality and FCiências ID, stands as a productive innovation hub. This partnership has sparked successful spin-offs and generated 50+ biotech jobs.

Acknowledging intellectual property's role, Tec Labs collaborates with Ciências ULisboa's Research Support Office to facilitate technology licensing.

Tec Labs' impact transcends borders, evidenced by global partnerships. With connectivity in mind, its strategic location underscores its role as a nexus between academia and industry, driving innovation's forward march.

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    Tec Labs
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    Lisbon, Portugal
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    Business Incubator
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