CEPIT Infra s.r.o.

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Central European Park for Innovative Technologies Bratislava (CEPIT) is a technology park with the ambition to create a high-end high-tech site in Central Europe. It has an area of ​​633.000 m2 for construction works and a total area of ​​680.000 m2: it is a place full of possibilities where companies and investors can turn their ideas into reality. They offer the benefits of dynamic business: flexible investment opportunities, efficient infrastructure, modern environmental management, and highly qualified labour force.

CEPIT builds up on the support of local authorities, national government and the EU. In addition, it keeps valuable contacts with academics and universities in Bratislava and Vienna. This know-how, which we are happy to share, offers the potential for synergy and prospects of exploitation for the joint growth of the region.

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    CEPIT Infra s.r.o.
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    Bratislava, Slovakia
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    Land Transportation
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    Science Park
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