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The Innovation Park is a project of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires that aims to create new opportunities for development, employment, and training opportunities. The Park will be a campus that will bring together public and private institutions dedicated to innovation, higher education and applied scientific research.

It is a new space in the City of Buenos Aires that will enhance the knowledge economy of the entire country and its global status. It will promote the activities of entrepreneurs, students and researchers, facilitating the connections between them and generating synergies with innovative public and private institutions in the country and the world with a focus on education, health and in-demand technologies.

Its location in the Núñez neighbourhood of Buenos Aires is deliberate, because it will establish a strong connection with the multiple educational institutions that are in its proximity, such as the Inter-American Open University, the University City of the UBA, the Torcuato Di Tella University and more.

The design of this space was selected as the winning Master Plan of the "National Innovation Park Ideas Contest" in September 2016. The initiative covers the area of 12 hectares, of which 65% will be allocated to open spaces, streets and squares, which will be enjoyed by all the residents of Buenos Aires. In the rest of the space, public and private universities and an Open Campus will be installed to attract educational activities from prestigious institutions in Argentina and the world. Health research institutions, technology companies, offices and coworking spaces will also be established.

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    Buenos Aires Innovation Park
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    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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