Tuspark Brussels Innovation Center

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Background information

TusPark Brussels, under the management of TusPark Belgium BV, is a physical platform for incubation and innovation networking which benefits and supports business development and long-term cooperation with local institutions as partners.

A strategic investment project implemented by the China-Luxembourg Fund under the management of TusHoldings, it was initiated jointly by TusTech Service and Yuzi Investment in Luxembourg. Through cooperation with universities in Belgium, TusPark Brussels aims to create a multi-tiered technology innovation ecosystem based in Brussels, radiating across Europe, facilitating initiatives for the enterprises within the TusHoldings’ ecosystem.

Originating from Tsinghua University, Tusholdings has rich experience in science and technology innovation services and mature models for incubation, financial and industrial cooperation. By operating its global technological innovation network, TusHoldings has not only been able to grow and develop itself, but also provided all-round support for the development of many small and medium-sized enterprises, of which we are very proud. As the capital of the European Union, Brussels is an ideal seat for TusHoldings to launch a park, with the goal of strengthening cooperation with the Belgian government, universities and related institutions.

Located on the campus of VUB in the southeast of Brussels, adjacent to the ICAB Incubation Park under VUB and the EU Innovation Network Executive Agency, it is well connected to the center of Brussels and the airport. The Brussels Regional Government and the VUB are currently building the Usquare International Science Park, aiming to further turn the area into the most dynamic innovation center in Brussels.

  1. Name
    Tuspark Brussels Innovation Center
  2. Location
    Brussels, Belgium
  1. Main technology sectors
    Artificial Intelligence Softwares
    Renewable Energies
  2. Type
    Business Incubator
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