University Of Nairobi Science and Technology Park

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Background information

The University Of Nairobi Science and Technology Park supports the University and the public in their innovation activities for the development of their communities and regions.

The strategic objectives of the Park are to:

  1. Offer world-class facilities for technology companies within the identified focus areas.
  2. Attract foreign companies to establish R&D activities in Nairobi
  3. Facilitate technology transfer from academia to industry
  4. Enable resident companies to use the University's research capabilities in meeting their research and development needs
  5. Contribute to the local, national and regional economies.

The Park offers professional support services to its residents: advisory to SMEs, business planning, grant proposal preparation, networking with business angels, pitching sessions, access to finance and legal services.

The Science & Technology Park offers a range of services to support startups. These include incubation spaces at their Maker Space and Fablab, training, financial support, technology support, business support services, clustering and networking opportunities.

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  1. Name
    University Of Nairobi Science and Technology Park
  2. Location
    Nairobi, Kenya
  1. Main technology sectors
    ICT & Communications
    Manufacturing and Automation Technologies
    Pure research
    Services for Business and Industry
    Software Engineering
  2. Type
    Science Park
  3. Member category