Magurele Science Park

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Background information

Magurele Science Park Association was formed in 2016 as a concept to contribute in the development of innovative entrepreneurship at regional and national level, by creating bridges between industry and research and the necessary environment for constant dialogue between the two. The association was formed by Ilfov County Council, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and Magurele Town Hall, and were joined by Bucharest University and University ‘Politehnica’ of Bucharest. The association is supported by local, regional, and governmental institutions, by the research institutes, and by the high-tech companies.

The association is the engine for developing the biggest science & technology park in Romania. They foster dialogue between research and academia, entrepreneurs and businesses, and the public authorities. Their main purpose is to stimulate economic growth and competitiveness in the region through technologic transfer and innovation. At the same time, they aim to encourage a more intense transfer between research and production, technology, services, and innovative commercial applications.

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    Magurele Science Park
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    Magurele, Romania
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    Lasers and Masers
    Other Health and Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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    Science Park
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