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Wadi Makkah Ventures (WMV), owned by Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), aims to foster innovation and technological development within Saudi Arabia’s Makkah (or Mecca) province.

With a facility spanning 4,666 m², the primary goal of the venture is supporting the innovation ecosystem related to the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage services. WMV is instrumental in incubating startups, providing venture capital, and offering a range of support services to both graduated and emerging startups from local and international sources.

Operating its own incubators and accelerators, WMV focuses on a wide range of sectors, including software engineering, electronics, energy, environment, health, pharmaceuticals, and the cultural industry, among others. It offers market access, outreach support, and opportunities for equity transfer to startups, alongside funding and services based on a flat rate evaluation.

WMV's strategy includes extending its incubation and acceleration services to other organisations within the public/government sector, private sector, and non-profit sector. Presently, WMV hosts six companies and operates six incubators, supporting 37 incubatees.

Services offered by WMV encompass financial support and investment, co-working spaces, an Innovation Lab (FabLab) for prototyping, legal and technical consultations, networking opportunities, and assistance with patent registration. These services aim to address the various needs of startups throughout their development phases.

Additionally, WMV's programs such as the Nomow incubator and Saudi Entrepreneurial Talks (SET) are crafted to support startups from ideation to market viability and facilitate knowledge exchange and networking with experts and investors.

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    Wadi Makkah Ventures
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    Makkah, Saudi Arabia
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