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Mamba Labs
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Sector: IT solutions (software/apps/platforms)

Dycovid is a solution that performs Contact Tracing dynamically, digitally and anonymously from an application (APP) installed on citizens' mobiles. It allows identifying the contamination flow of COVID-19, automatically mapping how the virus is passing from person to person.

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With Dycovid, the user will receive alerts about the possibility of infection with preventive counseling or prophylactic care, in addition to also learning about the epidemiology of a disease in a specific population.

This is done through the registration of contacts between people's devices in an entirely anonymous way and with total guarantee of privacy.

Once people become infected and have their examination confirmed, the infected user's APP anonymously notifies everyone with whom he has had contact in the last 14 days, assigning a level of risk to each platform user, according to the proximity parameters and duration of contact.

These risk levels are also attributed to locations and regions due to the density of people, the recent presence of infected users in that region, as well as the confirmed infected persons' place of residence, all maintaining privacy. Providing users with a Risk Map of cities and neighborhoods.
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