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North-vision Tech. Inc.
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By North-vision Tech. Inc. located in Hsinchu Science Park (Chinese Taipei)
Sector: Medical equipment

The Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator has been used in China to cure many COVID-19 patients. The Chinese government has recommended to use Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator for COVID-19 patients and they have released about 2,000 units to the Key Hospitals all over China to cure the COVID-19 patients, announced by the China Anti-COVID-19 Leader Dr. Zhong.

Long text:
It is intended for general public’s health care that the user may choose Hydrogen or Oxygen to use through a nasal cannula. Hydrogen can provide the function of suppressing the inflammation and reduce the free radicals in the body. Also, Hydrogen is the Lightest air that can improve the flowing rate in the Lung to improve the Oxygen being absorbed. If the user’s Oxygen absorbing function is not good of his/her Lung, then to provide both Hydrogen and Oxygen is very important to the user to help them to get Oxygen into their bodies.
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Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator

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