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Sector: Medical equipment

This solution is part of the of the DECON-UVMNP project which encourages designing prototypes to solve issues caused by SARS-CoV-2. The prototypes will be made and tested both under laboratory conditions and within a clinical/hospital environment in order to reach the technological maturity level of TRL=8.

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The main result is the developing of a prototype for a premises-type fixed/mobile UV-C decontamination installation, with the related technical and operation documentation, so it can be built by any producer and used safely.

They are also developing a protocol for measuring the UV-C radiation lamps located inside the premises, and protocols regarding the safe usage of equipment with UV-C radiation lamps, in accordance with the applicable European legislation and standards, which documents can be used as a basis for the training sessions to be conducted for all the workers to operate the equipment developed by INFLPR, to make sure that they are using it safely.

Starting from the documentation to result from this project, a local producer could implement in a production line the making of decontamination premises with UV-C radiation, and bring them into the market.

They are also helping with optimising the local production of UV-C radiation lamps (currently no UV-C radiation lamps are being made in Romania). The production of such premises would lead to a better management of the pandemic caused by the SARS-COV 2 virus, which pandemic is currently in progress.

The prototype developed by INFLPR has several novelty elements:

1. Real time monitoring of the UV-C radiation, to be certain that decontamination is accomplished.

2. The preparing of protocols for the safe usage of equipment with UV-C radiation lamps (which do not exist within the nation).

3. Prototype modularity: the prototype is built with panel-type systems, which can be added in order to alter the dimensions of the premises as required.

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