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Technology that can verify the identity of people through facial recognition and simultaneously perform thermal camera check. Temperature Monitoring in Public Places.

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To combat the public health emergency of novel coronavirus epidemic, effective and efficient screening system for suspected cases is essential for governments, communities and business entities. TUS PHID System invented by Tus Data Asset could verify the identity of people through facial recognition and perform thermal camera check simultaneously. Therefore, those with abnormal temperature could be effectively detected and close contact could be prevented for possible infection.
Mechanism: The system could perform rapid body temperature check contactlessly. When people pass the testing area, the sensors could verify their identity through facial recognition and obtain their surface temperature through LWIR thermal camera at the same time. No physical contact will take place.
Functions: The system combines algorithm software with hardware including sensors, screens, warning alarms and surveillance system etc. The warning system is initiated upon the detection of abnormal temperature and the Intelligent Entrance System will be notified for quick response and effective control.

Robox-m4mt is a middle-distance infrared temperature measurement device which combines vision technology, temperature sensing technology and precise control technology on the basis of an autonomous and movable chassis to realize the autonomous and movable temperature measurement function.
The product detects the face and forehead through the camera. 
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