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TusPark is the key platform for organically extending the social function of Tsinghua University and transferring the technological achievements of the university. Its mission is to become a platform of innovation & entrepreneurship, a path to opportunities & success, and a bridge between technology and the economy. Through more than twenty years of exploration and practice, it has become a world-class university science park.

TusPark is located in the southeast corner of Tsinghua University and the core area of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone with a building area of 770,000㎡ and is home to over 1,500 enterprises and institutions. So far, TusPark has gathered over 1,000 tech companies and R&D institutions, and become a hub of national and multinational company R&D headquarters and innovative startups.

As a key pillar in implementing China’s innovation strategy, TusPark has formulated three major strategies: internationalization, value-added service platform and sub-park development. It has integrated many innovative resources from government, industry, university, research, finance, intermediaries, trade and media to create a special ecosystem of scientific innovation & entrepreneurship and provides a complete value-added service package to innovative high-tech enterprises. TusPark has developed a characteristic philosophy, operating model and park culture, achieving strong results in driving independent innovation, establishing an industry-academy-research cooperation platform, promoting transfer of high-tech achievements, and incubating startups. Many home-grown technologies developed at TusPark have become global success stories, while successfully incubated companies have grown into industry leaders.

As the builder and operator of TusPark, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. has formed an innovation network for sharing knowledge, information, talents, capital and other resources and for promoting clustering service innovation, and a triple and coordinated business structure of science parks, science and technology industry and science and technology finance.

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    Tsinghua University Science Park - TusPark
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    Beijing, China
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