IASP China Office visits member in Xi’an City

27 April 2017
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Xi'an visit

The aim of the visit was to promote communication and interaction between IASP and its members, to gather feedback and to enhance the service IASP offers in China. The visit included a tour to a number of interesting projects such as Cloud Valley innovation & entrepreneurship center, Optical Valley Start-up Coffee, and the Shenghong "Internet + design" crowd innovation space.

Mr. Chen praised the internal environment and development prospects of the park, and proposed some suggestions on focusing the park's position, forming a feedback mechanism for tenants, constructing a quality service system and gathering industry key players. As well as emphasising the importance of high quality facilities in developing a science park, Mr Chen also underlined that is is sometimes necessary to break with convention when necessary to resolve practical problems for the tenants. "Tenant services are the soul of science park development," he said.

You can read more about Western Cloud Valley Park at http://chinadaily.com.cn/xixian.  

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