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By OX-CTA SL located in Walqa Technology Park (Spain)
Sector: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech

100% biodegradable ecological disinfectant for direct use, with registration for use by the general public. Proven effectiveness against Coronavirus in just 1 minute. OX-VIRIN PRESTO AL USO is a product for surface and aerial disinfection and fumigation. Since Coronavirus is transmitted in the saliva droplets of medium/large size, it ends up being deposited on the surfaces and therefore it is essential to carry out an effective disinfection of all types of floors, furniture, materials, etc.

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OX-VIRIN PRESTO AL USO is a liquid product ready to use. No need for handling by personnel before use, which minimizes the risk of human error. This product offers quick and efficient action preventing high resistant micro-organisms survival and development and its continuous use does not cause micro-organisms resistance. It eliminates biofilm from surfaces and it is effective even at low temperatures and active even in presence of organic matter. Properties remain intact for more than one year. It is non-corrosive. Enlarges the shelf life of materials. Do not affect tissues, do not damage colours. 100% Biodegradable. Does not generate toxic by-products. No need to be rinsed. It is not toxic for people, animals or the environment.

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