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Founded in 2002, Walqa Technology Park is located 8 kilometres from the city of Huesca, and is a hub of innovation and R & D, especially in the field of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), biotechnology and renewable energy.

Its 53 hectare site is home to 60 businesses from startups and SMEs to multinationals, a technology centre, university laboratories and the 0.42 Astronomical Space Centre, an interactive museum which aims to inspire visitors to learn more about space and science in general. Research centres at Walqa include a university lab focusing on ICT and the information society, Itainnova, a public technology centre working on Big Data and cognitive systems and a foundation for the development of new hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen and other renewable energies are a key sector at Walqa, developing products such as rechargeable hydrogen batteries for industrial vehicles, zero emission fuel cells, hydrogen stations for fuelling buses and cars, and an uninterrupted power system offering weeks of autonomy. The park shares its expertise via online courses in Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technologies.

Resident companies can rent office space or coworking space, construct their own building, or use the virtual office services offered by the park, as well as taking advantage of project consultancy, matchmaking, expert business advice and HR and recruitment support.

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    Walqa Technology Park
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    Cuarte (Huesca), Spain
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    ICT & Communications
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    Science Park
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