WA4STEAM business angels supporting local startups

29 November 2019
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At the WA4STEAM meeting

Access to funding is one of the key challenges faced by startups, and studies show that women-led startups can have a harder time securing the investment they need to grow their businesses than those led by male teams.

That’s why the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA) is working with WA4STEAM, a Spanish association of women business angels committed to investing and supporting startups led by women to help them become profitable businesses.

They focus on innovative companies with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art & architecture and maths, supporting them in the early stages of the startup cash life cycle. The association, with a hundred members, encourages girls to study and pursue careers in STEM subjects, helps new businesses to develop specific mechanisms and dynamics that prevent early project terminations, and fosters entrepreneurial aspirations

Local female-led startups and entrepreneurs from the science park joined the info session held at the Green Ray building where Felipe Romera, director of the PTA, welcomed WA4STEAM and emphasized the value of local investors in building a strong innovation ecosystem. As well as learning more about the seed funding opportunities W4STEAM can offer, startups had the chance to meet and network with many of the business angels in person. The group is keen to grow its presence in Andalusia, and also welcomed other women investors who were interested in joining W4STEAM to invest in female-led startups.  

"There are Spanish scientists who have not found funding here that they then found overseas, and we want to change that reality so that they don’t have to leave," said Yolanda Díaz, one of the investors. "Banks, as well as large companies and accelerators, are beginning to see us as an interesting product."

You can read more about Women Angels for STEAM at https://wa4steam.com/

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