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Mass Timber: A Modern Building Material for Science Parks and Innovation District Buildings

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Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Francois Nortje
  2. Publisher
  3. Publication date
    September 2022
  4. Place of publication
    Seville, Spain
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Wood-based buildings should play an increasingly important role in any science park or innovation district’s sustainable construction policy. Wood, as a building material in the modern form, has excellent load-bearing abilities and can be used to create large structures to house any accommodation. Laminated timber columns and beams combined with cross-laminated timber sheets (CLT) make up modern timber structures. It is a building material and construction methodology in its own right that is becoming more affordable and is a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional construction materials. This paper introduces this method, highlights design aspects to consider and endeavours to inform and allay fears in using CLT. It builds on literature available on the topic and looks at a case study of a tall building as an example for science parks to consider. The use of wood/CLT in science park buildings also offers scope for future innovation, which is at the core of innovation districts.
  1. Location
    Seville, Spain