AREA Science Park signs MOU with Central European Initiative

23 March 2017
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AREA Science Park

AREA Science Park, an IASP member based in Trieste, Italy, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Central European Initiative (CEI), to support the development of research and innovation in Eastern European countries.

CEI is a regional organization operating in Central and South Eastern Europe, which helps Eastern European countries in developing research and innovation strategies to promote competitiveness and European integration.

The three-year cooperation agreement aims to provide technical and scientific support to CEI member states in the development and implementation of plans for the application of Smart Specialisation Strategies. Focusing on Pre-Accession countries and Eastern Europe, the collaboration is designed to guide different regions towards economic and employment growth, by identifying and enhancing their specific competitive advantages.

In particular, AREA Science Park and the Central European Initiative will promote joint actions to encourage the creation of technology parks and innovation centres, to support training and capacity building activities as well as strengthening links between research and business.

"AREA Science Park is a strategic partner within the framework of our activities aimed at facilitating the transition of non-EU CEI countries towards the knowledge economy and innovation, representing a contribution to the European integration process," said CEI Secretary General, Ambassador Giovanni Caracciolo di Vietri.

"The agreement with the Central European Initiative is part of a wider context of international cooperation we are currently focusing on, especially in Central Eastern Europe," said Sergio Paoletti, President of AREA Science Park. "The ultimate goal is to create a network of people who are proactive towards innovation and research, a reference point for the strategies of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation."

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