Explore the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution at IASP Nantes

31 October 2018
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Nantes by night

With a week to go before the 8th November deadline, there is still time to submit an abstract for your chance to speak to a global audience at our 2019 World Conference taking place in Nantes, France!

Organised by our colleagues at Atlanpole, the event will bring together experts from areas of innovation, innovation districts and science parks from all over the world under the theme “The 4th Industrial Revolution: areas of innovation and science parks as key boosters for a successful transition”. We are looking for paper proposals which explore the ethical dimensions of this 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on society on a whole, as well as the huge impact it is having our industry.

Share your thoughts on:

  • The impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on STPs and AOIs: what are the risks and opportunities, and what structural and strategic changes may be required to continue supporting our resident companies?
  • The impact on people and society: what does the 4th Industrial Revolution imply for SMEs as central actors in the world economy? How will it affect developing countries, and what are the ethical implications of the changes it will bring?

IASP Nantes will also include a track focusing on the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution where startups, scaleups, and SMEs and other experts can contribute to the debate and talk about their technologies in an accessible way, bringing fresh and qualified information on the latest technological developments that are affecting us all. The 4th Industrial Revolution is defined as the convergence of digital, life and physical technologies – we want to hear about the most promising new technologies that are making the greatest impact in the world.

Full details of all the thematic tracks and how to submit an abstract are in the Call for Contributions

Find out more about the city of Nantes and what our colleagues at Atlanpole are planning for the conference at https://iasp2019nantes.com - we look forward to receiving your paper proposals and to seeing you in Nantes from 24-27 September 2019.

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