Exploring innovation and collaboration at Nanjing Tech Week

01 July 2019
First image:
Luis Sanz and Herbert Chen with colleagues from Chinese science parks

On the morning of June 26 the Purple Mountain Innovation Conference kicked off, marking the official opening of the 2019 Nanjing Tech Week. IASP Director General Luis Sanz and  IASP Vice-president Herbert Chen attended the conference at the invitation of IASP member TusPark Research Institute for Innovation in Jiangsu Province, China.

Up to 180 academics from 45 countries and 5 Nobel laureates attended the event, where more than 500 of the latest high-tech products  were also exhibited. Luis Sanz gave a keynote speech for the China-Europe Innovation and Development Summit Forum of the Tech Week, introducing the origin and development of IASP to over 700 delegates, highlighting the importance of a network within the context of the global knowledge economy. Luis Sanz expressed his hope for more Chinese technology parks to join IASP in China, and thus share the IASP global technology innovation network, to exchange ideas on a broad international platform, and seek mutually beneficial cooperation. They also agreed to set up an IASP workstation in TusPark Research Institute for Innovation in Jiangsu Province. 

Before the forum began, Luis Sanz and Herbert Chen also had meetings with senior officials of the Nanjing government and discussed and agreed upon ideas and strategies for promoting international regional innovation cooperation.

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