Health sector news from Technopolis Moscow

24 May 2021
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Some of the innovative healthcare products from Technopolis Moscow companies

Technopolis Moscow and its special economic zone is home to some leading companies in the health sector, from pharmaceuticals to medtech, all fields which have seen intense activity and innovation over the last year.

Pharmaceuticals is one of the anchor branches of the special economic zone, with a cluster at the Pechatniki site and several large factories located at the Alabushevo site in Zelenograd. Their business plans will see almost 2000 high tech jobs created over the next few years.  

Companies in the cluster are working on a range of new pharma products, including drugs for cancer treatment from Biocad, and R-Opra beginning production soon on medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases, rheumatism and asthma. Other companies are set to establish a presence at Technopolis Moscow soon.

Medical devices are another key sector in the Technopolis, with a new device to help doctors in intensive care recently launched by Medplant. An indicator of the effectiveness of cardiopulmonary activity, it is equipped with a metronome and a sensor for chest compressions, and offers a range of applications in emergency medicine. The company has seen unprecedented demand for a its products during the pandemic, with production increasing hugely for pulse oximeters and syringe dispensers to meet the needs of the city’s hospitals.

Many innovations have been patented: for instance, Diagnostics-M recently patented a device for X-ray irradiation of blood which eliminates the biological activity of donated blood, reducing the patient's risk of rejection.

Other companies are increasing production even further, like Additive Engineering which has expanded its equipment for 3D printing dental products. One of the leaders in Moscow’s 3D-technologies sector, they pivoted to producing valves for ventilators on their 3D printer during the pandemic and currently print about 200k products a year, a total which will increase by 30% in 2022.

To find out more about Technopolis Moscow and developments in their health sector companies, visit http://technomoscow.com/about.

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