SMEs learn to tackle IP hurdles in South-East Asia with IASP webinar

12 March 2024
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South East Asia - IP SMEs helpdesk

IASP, in collaboration with its member SPI, recently held a webinar on how businesses can effectively navigate the intellectual property (IP) landscape in South-East Asia.

Titled “Internationalisation and Intellectual Property in South-East Asia”, the session is a component of the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk initiative, a European Union program providing complimentary IP management guidance to SMEs.

The webinar featured Vianny Liong from Aura Partners, who provided an overview of the opportunities and challenges for EU SMEs in Indonesia and Singapore. Elio de Tullio, an IP attorney, followed with strategic advice on navigating IP issues in South-East Asian markets, focusing on the diverse international policies, legislation, and approaches.

The event concluded with insights from Lhing Witthayaweerasak of Thai-BISPA, who discussed the support the STP and AOI network can provide for EU SMEs transferring IPs to Southeast Asia, including assistance with technology localisation and adherence to regional compliance and regulations.

The webinar, attended by over 20 organisations, emphasised the importance of understanding the IP landscape for successful internationalisation in South-East Asia.

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