Global visibility

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Helping members raise their international profile


We help our members raise their international profile through our fast-moving news service, reporting new developments and recent achievements of member science parks and areas of innovation around the world. This is compiled into the IASP newsletter which provides a monthly update of members’ activities, straight to the inbox of 5000+ members, partners and contacts.

IASP is active on social media, making sure our members’ contributions to the science park industry, their startup competitions and events are promoted to a diverse audience.

  • Our @IASPnetwork Twitter account has a truly global follower base and brings you all the breaking news and trending topics in our industry.
  • At IASP Visuals on YouTube, we create playlists of science parks and areas of innovation and knowledge sharing on a range of topics.  
  • IASP’s LinkedIn company page and discussion groups provide a forum for networking as well as spreading the word about all kinds events and initiatives from members.

IASP members who want to increase their global visibility are welcome to contact communication@iasp.ws at any time.