International networking

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Providing an arena for members to meet is one of our core services


Networking is at the heart of what we do. IASP’s networking support enables our members to make meaningful connections through personal introductions, leading to new collaborations, new projects and new ideas. Our staff connect science park professionals with the right people at the right time, ensuring that they always have access to any individual or organisation in our global network.

IASP connects companies located at our member science parks with potential clients for their technologies and innovations on a global basis.

IASP conferences: networking in person

The IASP conferences are major events, where the full potential of our dynamic association is put into play: people meet, exchange knowledge and information, establish alliances and develop new joint projects. Since 1984 IASP has held many international events, including conferences, seminars and workshops all over the world.

Every year IASP members from different parts of the world host our world conference and regional events, and we assist them every step of the way.

Virtual networking

The IASP website is a unique networking platform as well as being a source of knowledge and information. Members receive privileged access to the members-only section, with many features that facilitate international networking, including the comprehensive IASP database of STP/AOI managers and forums to increase their interaction with other members of our community.