Strategic profiling & performance evaluation

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Analysis with the IASP Strategigram® and STP Performance Evaluator©


IASP offers members access to two unique tools for analysing their strategy and evaluating performance: the STP Performance Evaluator© and the Strategigram®.

STP Performance Evaluator© 

The only one of its kind, this tool explores the added value an STP brings to its ecosystem, along with the economic impact it is generating or can expect to generate as it develops. The evaluator also uses an automated system to give both a quantitative and qualitative measure of performance alongside identifying areas for potential improvement. Where areas for potential improvement are identified, the tool recommends Inspiring Solutions from across the IASP community that can help. 

The STP Performance Evaluator is made up of three reports: an Innovation Ecosystem Fit Report, an Added Value Report, and an Impact Report, with all offering different metrics on STP success. Uniquely, these reports offer aggregated values of output variables from STPs comparable to the user’s park, allowing IASP members to understand their STP’s strengths and areas for improvement in comparison to their peers.


The IASP Strategigram is a unique software-based tool that enables STP managers to analyse their park's strategy, assess its evolution and compare it to other parks' strategic profiles.

The Strategigram is a service available for all IASP members and is being used with success as a tool to define the most suitable strategic model in the planning of new parks. Using 7 strategic axes, it indicates the position of a STP on each axis based on specific and measurable indicators including governance models, location, target markets and degree of specialisation. IASP can also conduct individual customised analysis on request.

IASP members can access both the STP Performance Evaluator and the Strategigram in our Members’ area.