Golestan Science & Technology Park

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Background information

Founded in 2013, Golestan Science & Technology Park supports knowledge-based businesses and thus increase the economic and scientific potential of Golestan province.

The park’s mission is to increase technology transfer and commercialization, facilitate the transfer of knowledge from university to industry, enhance competitiveness, and to promote a culture of innovation. On site facilities include laboratories and workshops, with services for startups and growing companies that cover technical and expert advice. They are also able to take advantage of tax exemptions, reduced customs duties and other commercial benefits.

Golestan STP is active in international networks and supports its resident companies and research institutes to form partnership and participate in global activities and projects.

Its main sectors are agriculture and forestry, biotech, chemistry and chemicals, computer science and hardware, and health & pharmaceuticals. 

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  1. Name
    Golestan Science & Technology Park
  2. Location
    Aq Tekeh Khan, Iran
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  2. Main technology sectors
    Agriculture and Forestry
    Chemistry and Chemicals
    Computer Science and Hardwares
    Health & Pharmaceuticals
  3. Type
    Science Park
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    General Contact