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The network of the Science Parks of Wallonia was created in 2002 and it brings together 7 science parks located in the Wallonia region in Belgium: Louvain-La-Neuve Science Park, Liege Science Park, Crealys© Science Park, Aeropole Science Park, Initialis Science Park, Qualitis Science Park And Novalis Science Park. These science parks represent over 670 companies, including 80+ spin-offs and 15,300+ jobs, on an area of 600 hectares.

Thanks to this network, the science parks work together to promote the technological expertise of the region. They offer companies valuable services to boost their innovative projects: access to a concentration of technological actors (companies, research centres, and universities), specialized infrastructure and services designed to their needs.

These parks are jointly managed by 7 economic development agencies (BEP, Idea, Ideta, Idelux, IGRETEC, in BW, SPI) and 5 universities (UCLouvain, ULB, ULg, UNamur, UMONS). The mission of the SPoW is threefold: encouraging collective growth of the 7 science parks; promotion and image-boosting; and improving the attractiveness of Wallonia by representing its members.

The science parks of Wallonia are specialised in 6 sectors: Biotechnology, ICT, Engineering, Aeronautic & Space, Agri-food and Green Technology. A competitiveness cluster has been created for each of these sectors to facilitate the cooperation on projects between key players in the same or complementary activity sectors. Wallonia’s science and technology parks offer services and facilities which are needed to advance the company’s development phase. In Wallonia, these include co-working spaces, Smart Work Centres, Business and Innovation Centres, Incubators, Technology platforms, Short-term occupation units, and more.

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