UTSTP’s Shahid Chamran Science and Technology Campus: Bridging Science and Real-World Knowledge-Based Skills

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Bahareh Heidary
- University of Tehran Science & Technology Park (UTSTP)
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Bahareh Heidary
- University of Tehran Science & Technology Park (UTSTP)
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The Inception of Shahid Chamran Science and Technology Campus

The University of Tehran has launched the Shahid Chamran Science and Technology Campus as part of its knowledge-centered development plans and projects. This initiative was reported by the Public Relations Department of the University of Tehran Science and Technology Park (UTSTP) in November 2023. The inauguration ceremony was a collaborative effort involving UTSTP, University of Tehran, Iran's Technical and Vocational Organization, Alborz province Governorate, and Eshtehard County governorate.

The Vision Behind the Science and Technology Campuses

The knowledge-centered development plan of the science and technology campuses aims to realize Iran’s lofty goals by creating an environment for skill training for students and graduates. This includes emphasizing technical vocational training, developing the infrastructure of the technology and innovation ecosystem for faculty members, employees, and other stakeholders of the university. The plan is designed to leverage scientific and research capacity to create synergy and to foster effective communication, maximizing scientific and technological capabilities.

The Goals of the Science and Technology Campuses

The science and technology campuses aim to create vocational training conditions in the workplace for students and graduates, design skill chains for knowledge-based projects, and design standards and content of knowledge-based vocational training. They also aim to conduct research in line with the needs of the Technical and Vocational Training Organization regarding the skills needed for future jobs, hold workshops and training courses, and provide the possibility to use educational and research centers, equipment, institutes, laboratories, and libraries belonging to the stakeholders. The campuses emphasize modern skills training methods and mechanisms, cooperation in implementing skill training and skill enhancement projects in real work conditions, conducting a skill enhancement training course and empowering the organization's trainers, expanding the business environment, and creating a platform for students' self-employment.

The Shahid Chamran Science and Technology Campus

The plan to establish science and technology campuses was based on the regulations for supporting production, knowledge-based activities and job creation in the fields of science, research and technology in Iran, following an agreement between the country's Technical and Vocational Education Organization and the University of Tehran. The University of Tehran Science and Technology Park, with the aim of providing a platform for the growth of knowledge-based skills and for establishing a knowledge-based skills training umbrella and related infrastructures, emphasizing IT technologies and other modern and knowledge-based technologies, started to establish the University of Tehran science and technology campus.

The Shahid Chamran Science and Technology Campus is located in the Eshtehard County of Alborz Province in Iran. The campus is adjacent to Eshtehard Industrial Town, providing a rich ecosystem for knowledge sharing. The campus spans an area of 52,000 square meters, with fully-refurbished buildings covering approximately 11,000 square meters. The campus was renovated and put into operation in November 2023.

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