Health Campus Limburg joins IASP

16 November 2022
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Health Campus Limburg

We are delighted to welcome Health Campus Limburg, a hub of innovation in healthcare based in Diepenbeek, Belgium, as a new member of IASP!

With a mission to stimulate collaborations, entrepreneurship, innovation and valorisation to build a more qualitative healthcare system and to strengthen the health economy in Limburg province, the Campus focuses on fostering collaboration between healthcare providers, knowledge institutions, government and business, and on attracting and supporting businesses and research in life sciences. Health Campus Limburg welcomes startups as well as mature companies, with close links between the Campus and knowledge institutions that help businesses and research institutes to access the local talent pool.

An initiative of POM Limburg and Hasselt University in collaboration with LRM/BioVille, PXL and UCLL and supported by the province of Limburg, the Campus specialises in life sciences and is already home to research organizations focused on biomedical research, rehabilitation sciences and data science with Bioville as its centre for healthcare activities. More development is planned: in 2023, the construction of an inspiration and innovation hub will start, offering shared facilities, including rooms for training, rooms for research and collaboration and meeting places.

The Campus is also developing 15,000m² of business space, consisting of both office space and specialized labs, meeting rooms to cleanrooms, with a largely modular approach. Specific focus domains will be digital and data driven healthcare, research of patient-centred health and life sciences, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, reinforced primary care and progress towards more integrated care and rehabilitation across healthcare disciplines.

“I am delighted to be part of this network since I strongly believe in knowledge exchange and open innovation. The team at Health Campus Limburg strives daily to build an ecosystem supporting this. Being part of an international network where we can learn and contribute to the best practices in creating innovative areas is therefore a logical step. I am glad IASP has accepted our membership application and look forward to the exchange of ideas,” commented campus manager Roeland Buckinx.

Please join us in welcoming them to our global network!

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