Innovation alliance for Ruta N and Bosch

30 January 2018
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Representatives from Ruta N Medellin & Bosch

Representatives of multinational Bosch recently visited Medellin (Colombia), and signed a cooperation agreement with Medellin Innovation District Ruta N.

As part of their visit to get to know Medellin and find out how it has become a hub of innovation in Latin America, Bosch representatives met with Alejandro Franco, Executive Director of IASP member Ruta N as well as Ruta N’s Innovation Lab team.

Bosch is a major world player in terms of innovation: its research generates a patent every 30 minutes, and nearly 10% of sales are invested in new products and solutions. The Innovation Lab brings together different methodologies and technologies with the innovation ecosystem of the city to help local entrepreneurs, startups, teachers and government to identify, prototype and validate their innovative services, products and experiences..

The agreement seeks to increase innovation among science, technology and research organisations in Medellin, and some advantages for users of the Innovation Lab. They will have privileged access to Bosch experts from around the world and their latest research and developments, especially in their field of IoT, intelligent agriculture, connected buildings, mobility, smart cities and Industry 4.0.

Angela Infante of Bosch Colombia commented: “This agreement is an alliance that will open up a two-lane relationship of communication and learning. We want mutual support between the Innovation Lan and Bosch to develop our activities and to connect what’s happening in the rest of the world with new developments in Medellin.”

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