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Medron Technology
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Sector: IT solutions (software/apps/platforms)

Deviceye is an integrated Industrial IoT solution for tracking & monitoring environmental and personal parameters for the use of Occupational Health and Safety. Deviceye platform is capable of carrying out localization, reporting and can give real-time alerts to the field.

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Deviceye tracks location with high precision in indoor and outdoor areas. The platform provides continuous connectivity using WiFi RFID BLE UWB hybrid wireless technologies and collects health data with wearable devices. Thus, the platform offers increased productivity, accident prevention, and operational traceability. The platform gives us the opportunity to track everything in real-time. Easily new rules can be set by the interface and reflected directly to the field remotely. Besides, historical data can be traced.
Use case for COVID-19. The platform tracks every staff in a factory, office or work field. It can alert if someone is close to another more than 1.5meters or spends over 10 mins with another. The wearable devices can be used for alert vibration or sound and also fixed alarm sirens can be triggered in the field. If anyone is caught the virus, the platform can be used to track all the staff he/she touched or be close in the same place, etc. In this way, the platform can be used to quarantine only the necessary part of the workplace. The historical logs can be used to examine only the necessary people can have been caught to the virus.

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